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  • Jacob Sartorius - Hit or Miss (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 4:03 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Jacob Sartorius - Hit or Miss Official Music Video

    BUY "Hit or Miss" on iTunes now: Stream now on Spotify: http://spotify:album:7EIUQyqrZ8iAbLi6... Follow Jacob On His Social Media Below: INSTAGRAM: (Liking & Following People Back!) TWITTER: (Tweet Me!) SNAPCHAT: @JacobSartorius (Adding people back!) MUSICALLY: @JacobSartorius (I post 3 daily!) VINE: @Jacob Sartorius (Follow me!) Directed by Paul Boyd. Special thanks to Collins Key for being in the video Check out his socials below: YouTube Twitter Instagram Snapchat

    Jacob+Sartor ius+-+Hit+or +Miss++Offic ial+Music+Vi deo+

  • Drake - God's Plan

    Duration: 6:56 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Drake - God's Plan

    Drake+-+ God's+Pl an

  • MattyBRaps - Turn Up The Track

    Duration: 4:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    MattyBRaps - Turn Up The Track

    BUY NOW ON iTUNES: Hi BBoys & BGirls! Thanks for watching the official music video to MattyB's new single, "Turn Up The Track!" This video was a lot of fun to create with some of the most talented dancers on Lifetime's hit show #DanceMoms! Hope ya dig it! If you like this song and want to help support MattyB's music, be sure to download you copy on iTunes! Here's the download link: You can also help support MattyB's music videos with a LIKE, FAVORITE and COMMENT! Don't forget to SHARE this video link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! :) Keep following your dreams! OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Store Main Channel Vlog Channel Twitter Facebook LYRICS Now you can find in Atlanta with an A cap turned back Dancing in streets with a little Georgia Peach She begin’ me to stay home You know that I wish I could But my flight leaves at 11 I’m headed to Hollywood Wave at the Carolinas St Louis is swag make a stop down in dallas and maybe check out the Mavs If I’m hungry - it’s Chicago cause Pizza’s my favorite food Then its New York or new jersey to get me more attitude I’m dancing all over the map Turn up, turn up, turn up this track I just wanna dance Turn up the track and party Let me see your hands Turn up the track, yeah Turn up the track (repeat) Tip toeing over Florida Louisiana to Bama Then hit the streets of Las Vegas to keep an eye on the parents Shake it up in Seattle But the weathers kinda gloomy So I trip over Wyoming and get lost off in the boonies Fly to Michigan Go fly fishing again Shopping spree in Manhattan And now that my money’s spent Take me back to the south I’ll in love in these streets This girl must be from Nashville cause Shes a Ten I See I’m dancing all over the map Turn up, turn up, turn up the track I just wanna dance Turn up the track and party Let me see your hands Turn up the track yeah Turn up the track (repeat) We put our hands in the air so high Wave 'em side to side Cause we feel alive And the music is pumpin Our heartbeats are bumpin we sing and we laugh and we jump and we're jumpin - hey! We put our hands in the air so high Wave 'em side to side Cause we feel alive And the music is pumpin Our heartbeats are bumpin we sing and we laugh and we - turn up the track! I just wanna dance Turn up the track and party Let me see your hands Turn up the track yeah Turn up the track (repeat) Turn up, turn up, turn up the track Turn up the track, yah Turn up the track Turn up, turn up, turn up the track Turn up the track, yah Turn up the track I just wanna dance! I’m out

    MattyBRaps+- +Turn+Up+The +Track

  • Shannon - Let The Music Play (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 4:40 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Shannon - Let The Music Play Official Music Video

    Check out our website for more Unidisc content: Shop for Vinyls, CDs, Merch and More: Buy/Stream • Facebook • SoundCloud • Shop • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • © Unidisc Music Shannon (born Brenda Shannon Greene,May 2, 1958) is an American singer. She is best known for her 1983 million-selling record, "Let the Music Play". The record re-defined the electro-funk sound that Arthur Baker and John Rocca (who produced "I.O.U" by Freeez) developed in 1982, which would eventually be called freestyle music. In the spring of 1983, Greene was enrolled at York College and toured with the New York Jazz Ensemble. Quintin Hicks, an associate of the production team of Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa, later saw Shannon singing with a live band in her cousin's recording studio. Shannon auditioned for Liggett and Barbosa with the song "She Can't Love You Like I Do". They introduced her to the track "Fire and Ice", which would later evolve into Shannon's signature song, "Let the Music Play". This title would also be applied to Shannon's debut album. In July 1983, the "Let the Music Play" single was released and Shannon was invited back to record more songs with Liggett and Barbosa. The single reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Billboard"s United States R&B and Hot Dance and Club Play Chart chart. Today, it is ranked #23 among Billboard's best dance songs of all time. Her debut album, Let the Music Play, was released in February 1984. The follow-up single from the album was "Give Me Tonight", which hit the top spot on the Hot Dance, Club Play and R&B chart. It also became a significant hit on Urban radio. It was one of Billboard's top 30 dance songs for the year 1985. In the U.S., the third single was "My Heart's Divided", another Latin freestyle track, featuring Jimmy Choo as one of the back up vocalists. "Sweet Somebody", a mid-tempo soul effort, made the Top 20 in Europe. Let the Music Play went on to sell over 2 million copies worldwide. Shannon was nominated for a Grammy and received numerous other awards, including the Dianah Washington (Jack the Rapper) Award, the Hall of Fame Award, the Gold Ampex Reel Award, a certified gold disc by the Recording Industry Association of America, and the Best Billboard Top 10 female R&B vocalist. In 1985, Shannon released her second album, Do You Wanna Get Away, which sported a sound similar to that of her debut album. The title track became her third #1 on the Dance charts and became her third hit on the Billboard Hot 100. She scored three more dance hits from the album, including "Stronger Together", a cover of "Urgent" by Foreigner, and "Stop the Noise", with a video sponsored by Pepsi and Black Angus. Her third album was 1986's Love Goes All the Way. This album was not as successful as her previous LPs. Shannon was Executive Producer against all odds. Shannon asked to be released from her recording contract with Atlantic Records in 1987. She recorded soundtracks and jingles, Criminal", for the movie Fatal Beauty and budweiser . While touring the world, Shannon attended and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. In the late 1990s interest in Shannon rekindled, when VH1 spotlighted her on their One Hit Wonders series. Entertainment Tonight also taped a special about her life. In 1998, she co-wrote and sang on multi tracks produced by Todd Terri, Tony Moran, Germany's Sash Les Rythmes Digitales Les Rythmes Digitales In 1999, Shannon released her fourth studio album, The Best Is Yet to Come, on which she is credited as 50% writer of the album (contracted by BMG). Chris Barbosa was invited back as a producer, along with Andy "Panda" Tripoli and Tony Moran. A greatest hits album was released in November 2004 without Shannon's knowledge and agreement. On April 20, 2006, Shannon participated in the Freestyle Extranvaganza concert along with Judy Torres, George Lamond, Cynthia, Lisette Melendez, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, The Cover Girls, Hanson and Davis, Coro, and Stevie B.. The event was sponsored by WKTU, WSKQ, and WCAA in New York. A fifth studio album, "A Beauty Returns", was released in 2007 without the knowledge and agreement of Shannon. Today Shannon is a voting member of the Grammy's (Recording Academy) touring the world (Kuwait, Badghdad and Iraq) with the US Soldiers. She is also in the studio working on new hits for the year 2010.

    Shannon+-+Let+The+Music+Play++Of ficial+Music+Video+

  • Jacob Sartorius - Chapstick (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 3:53 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Jacob Sartorius - Chapstick Official Music Video

    THE OFFICIAL CHAPSTICK MUSIC VIDEO! Get "Chapstick" on my new EP Left Me Hangin' - Available Everywhere! iTunes: Spotify: Apple Music: Google Play: Amazon: Connect with Me: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: COME SEE ME ON TOUR! Oct. 04 - Paris, FR Oct. 05 - Koln, DE Oct. 06 - Antwerp, BL Oct. 08 - Manchester, UK Oct. 09 - London, UK Oct. 11 - Utrecht, NL Oct. 13 - Milan, IT Oct. 14 - Munich, DE Oct. 15 - Luxembourg, LU Oct. 17 - Hamburg, DE Oct. 18 - Copenhagen, DK Oct. 19 - Berlin, DE Oct. 21 - Wiesbaden, DE Oct. 23 - Vienna, AT Nov. 10 - Guadalajara, MX Nov. 12 - Mexico City, MX Jan. 18 - Silver Spring, MD Jan. 19 - New York, NY Jan. 22 - Boston, MA Jan. 23 - Philadelphia, PA Jan. 24 - Pittsburgh, PA Jan. 25 - Toronto, ONT Jan. 26 - Detroit, MI Jan. 28 - Chicago, IL Jan. 31 - Atlanta, GA Feb. 01 - Nashville, TN Feb. 02 - Cleveland, OH Feb. 04 - Orlando, FL Feb. 06 - Houston, TX Feb. 07 - Dallas, TX Feb. 08 - San Antonio, TX Feb. 10 - St Louis, MO Feb. 11 - Kansas City, MO Feb. 13 - Denver, CO Feb. 14 - Salt Lake City, UT Feb. 16 - Portland, OR Feb. 17 - Vancouver, BC Feb. 18 - Seattle, WA Feb. 20 - San Francisco, CA Feb. 23 - Phoenix, AZ Feb. 25 - Los Angeles, CA Feb. 26 - San Diego, CA Tickets: @ Video Directed by Nathan Crooker

    Jacob+Sartorius+-+Chapstick++Off icial+Music+Video+

  • Marshmello - Find Me (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 3:08 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Marshmello - Find Me Official Music Video

    Get your NEW Mello™️ by Marshmello gear HERE ▶ WATCH SILENCE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ WATCH MOVING ON MUSIC VIDEO ▶ WATCH SUMMER MUSIC VIDEO ▶ WATCH ALONE MUSIC VIDEO ▶ WATCH KEEP IT MELLO MUSIC VIDEO ▶ SUBSCRIBE HERE ▶ MARSHMELLO: Spotify | SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Merch | CAST: Anwar Jibawi | Hannah Stocking | Director: Daniel Burke Creative Agency: 23FIFTN Executive Producer: Daniel Malikyar Producer: Karam Gill Director of Photography: Casey Stolberg UPM: Steven Taylor Production Coordinator: Jack Winter Production Designer: Clara Diez Editor: Patrick Hall Colorist: Tyler Roth Casting Director: Jake van Zyll Marshmello - Find Me (Official Music Video) #Marshmello #FindMe #tomorrowland #alone

    Marshmello+-+Find+Me++Official+M usic+Video+

  • Migos "Call Casting" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

    Duration: 4:01 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Migos "Call Casting" WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video

    Watch the official music video of "Call Casting" by Migos. "C U L T U R E" album drops January 27th Follow Migos on Twitter: Instagram: Directed by Keemotion SUBSCRIBE to the Official WorldStarHipHop Channel for more original WorldStar material, music video premieres, and more: More WorldstarHipHop: (Follow) (Like) (Photos) (Shop)

    Migos+"Call+Cast ing"++WSHH+Exclu sive+-+Official+ Music+Video+


    Duration: 5:09 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps


    GEMINI - AVAILABLE NOW DIRECTED BY Jason Koenig & Ben Haggerty PRODUCED BY Honna Kimmerer WRITTEN BY Ben Haggerty & Jason Koenig CINEMATOGRAPHY BY Jason Koenig & Johnny Valencia FEATURING Mitchell Savitsky Dre'moni Watts Matteo "Teo" Angeles KraShane "Spinz" Sims 1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Paul Dahlke ART DIRECTOR John Lavin STYLIST Therese Lefebvre EDITED BY Jason Koenig, Johnny Valencia, Ben Haggerty CAMERA DEPT Sam Nuttman - Specialty Camera Opp ( Ryan Brown -1st AC Conor McCarthy - 2nd AC Rick Wiley - Process Trailer CASTING Anna Matuszewski Tami Wakasugi ASSISTANT STYLIST Alex Nordstrom HAIR & MAKEUP Jennifer Popochock Tanya Joseph ART DEPT Set Decorator - Carrie Stacey Teo Shantz - Prop Master Petra Lavin - Assistant CHOREOGRAPHY Anna Matuszewski GRIP & ELECTRIC Vincent Klimek - Gaffer Collen Newberry - Key Grip Michael LePard - Best Boy Electric Isaac lane - Electric Mike Walker - Electric Greg Smith - Grip PLAYBACK Tyler Dopps SOUND DESIGN HEARby - John Buroker PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Antone Patterson Andrea Jewett Liam Cheskov-Dahlke Hannah Benson CAR WRANGLER Corby Bartoli SECURITY Seattle Police Department Seattle's Finest Security CAST: Macklemore, Lil Yachty, Marshawn Lynch, TV Johnny, C. Stone, Scarlet Parke, Sye Holland, James Ades, Elahna Ayson, Nicole Birce, Jayla Birge, Diane Bondoc, Xavier Borja, Coleman Cahill, Phoebe Cambell, Blair Coldrick, Amaris Cruz, Olu Dixon, Eyob Endris, Sanae Gates, Nyah Hickman, Jamal Hosn, Khaimah Jackson, Dalila Moyer, Dasia Sadorra, Sammie Tjeerds, Landon Tyler, Meka Vinmini, Sophia White, Jerome Welch, Scott Hameister, Oscar Valenzuela, Peter Lech, Mark Noguchi, Randie Brown, Kellen Florence, Dharma Martin, Tyler Roberts, Tre Watson, Luther Leonard, Saul Collins, Colin McArthur, William Bradt, Sean Brown, Morgen Johnson, Derrick, Cedric, Tony, Lexi Anthony, Alana Mikell, Jessica Turnansky, Abby Strand, Rusty the Dog SPECIAL THANKS TO: Srilata Remala & The Remala Family, Dwayne Clark & Family, Dutch Brothers, Mitchell & Mandy Savitsky, Tommi Robinson, Brysen Angeles, Erin Sims, Coach K. Ron, Tricia Davis, Josh "Budo" Karp, Josh Dick, Zach Quillen, Ben Secord, Sadie Arnold, Mark Wondrack, Rebecca Stedman, Sheldon Cross & Kennedy H.S., Cherry Fellowship Hall, Jerry Raine & Turgeon-Raine Jewelers, Quick Stop the Chicken Shack, Taylor Durand-Skaggs & City of Seattle Office of Film & Music, Krys Karns & Washington Film Works, Heather Ryan & Key Arena, Moe & Mr. Grillz, MotionState, Koerner Camera, Joel Voelker, Amber Koniniec, Junus Khan, Lexi Anthony, Ryan McKinnon, Sharon and Jordan Alva, Jeff Gibberman, Cameron Sage, Anynago Arunga. Macklemore managed by Zach Quillen & Josh Dick Song Credits Macklemore Marmalade feat. Lil Yachty Performed by Macklemore and Lil Yachty Produced by Joshua "Budo" Karp and Tyler “Damn Dude” Dopps Additional Production by Ben Haggerty Written by: B. Haggerty; M. McCollum; J. Karp; T. Andrews; T. Dopps; J. Rawlings Lyrics by Ben Haggerty and Miles McCollum Piano by Joshua “Budo” Karp Bass by Tyler “Damn Dude” Dopps Drum Programming by Tyler “Damn Dude” Dopps Organ by Joshua Rawlings Background Vocals by Journey Pollard, Sinai Pollard, Jamaudray White, Larian Burney, Kimora Carson, Elizabeth Howell, Abbie Wright Additional Background Vocals by Gena Brooks, Tanisha Brooks, Josephine Howell, Dana Jackson, Karma Johnson, Maelu Strange ,Michael Allen, Deshe’ Brooks, Christopher Harris, Malaelupe Samifua Mixed by Jon Castelli at The Gift Shop, DTLA Mastered by Dale Becker Engineered by Tyler Dopps Additional Engineering by Thomas Mann at Macklemore Studios Engineer for Mix Ingmar Carlson Bengal Yucky (BMI) Boat Boys Publishing (BMI) Gutterfunk (ASCAP) Tyler Andrews (ASCAP) Dopps Tyler Matthews (BMI) Joshua Rawlings (ASCAP) Lil Yachty appears courtesy of Quality Control Music, Motown Records and Capitol Records. © 2017 Bendo, LLC. All rights reserved.


  • Jaden Smith - Fallen (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 5:40 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Jaden Smith - Fallen Official Music Video

    Directed by Miles Cable & Jaden Smith Nostalgic Jams - Making you feel nostalgic. » Facebook: » Twitter: » Instagram: » SoundCloud: ✖ Follow Jaden Smith ✖ Directed by Miles Cable & Jaden Smith Miles Cable: ✖ Produced by IQ ✖ Co-Directed by Aj FavIcchio SYRE OUT NOW

    Jaden+Smith+-+Fallen++Of ficial+Music+Video+

  • Grouplove - "Ways to Go" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

    Duration: 4:51 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Grouplove - "Ways to Go" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

    "Ways To Go" is available on iTunes now: Spreading Rumours -- featuring "Ways To Go" Available Now! iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: ► Subscribe to this channel: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Twitter:

    Grouplove+-+ "Ways+to+Go" ++OFFICIAL+M USIC+VIDEO+

  • Kodak Black "Everything 1K" (Starring Danielle Bregoli "Cash Me Ousside") (WSHH Exclusive)

    Duration: 2:08 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Kodak Black "Everything 1K" Starring Danielle Bregoli "Cash Me Ousside" WSHH Exclusive

    Watch the unofficial music video for "Everything 1k" by Kodak Black starring Danielle Bregoli. IG - BhadBhabie X @Pizzaslime merch - Directed by @WhiteTrashTyler Stream "Everything 1K" here - KODAK BLACK DANIELLE BREGOLI SOCIALS Snapchat= RealBhadBhabie SUBSCRIBE to the Official WorldStarHipHop Channel for more original WorldStar material, music video premieres, and more: More WorldstarHipHop: (Follow) (Like) (Photos) (Shop)

    Kodak+Black+ "Everything+ 1K"++Starrin g+Danielle+B regoli+"Cash +Me+Ousside" +++WSHH+Excl usive+

  • Major Lazer – Light it Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG) [Music Video Remix] by Method Studios

    Duration: 3:51 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Major Lazer – Light it Up feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG Music Video Remix by Method Studios

    WATCH OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO // MAJOR LAZER - LIGHT IT UP (FEAT. NYLA & FUSE ODG) (REMIX) BY METHOD STUDIOS SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAJOR LAZER YOUTUBE CHANNEL - SUA CARA MUSIC VIDEO | KNOW NO BETTER EP | BLOW YOUR HEAD SEASON 2 | ☮® PEACE IS THE MISSION (EXTENDED) ®☮ OUT NOW - GET MAJOR LAZER GEAR WEBSTORE (worldwide shipping as low as $6) - AMAZON - STREAM LIGHT IT UP (FEAT. NYLA & FUSE ODG) [Remix] - SPOTIFY - PANDORA - GOOGLE PLAY - DOWNLOAD LIGHT IT UP (FEAT. NYLA & FUSE ODG): ITUNES - BEATPORT - GOOGLE PLAY - FOLLOW MAJOR LAZER: WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - SOUNDCLOUD - MAJOR LAZER ON TOUR - Credits Client: AICP/RSA Project: 2016 AICP Sponsor Reel Concept, Design & Direction: Method Design Director: Rupert Burton Creative Director: Jon Noorlander Art Director: Johnny Likens Production: Method Studios NY Producer: Adrienne Mitchell VFX: Method Studios Houdini FX Artist: Tomas Slancik Houdini FX Artist: Vraja Parra Rigger: Ohad Bracha Motion Capture: House of Moves

    Major+Lazer+–+Light+it+Up++fea t.+Nyla+&+Fuse+ODG+++Music+Video +Remix++by+Method+Studios

  • Chicago- Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Music Video)

    Duration: 4:39 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Chicago- Hard To Say I'm Sorry Music Video

    Chicago- Hard To Say I'm Sorry. Music video from 1982 release 'Chicago 16'.

    Chicago- +Hard+To +Say+I'm +Sorry++ Music+Vi deo+

  • 6 Hour Best Relaxing Spa Music, Background Music, Soothing Music, Massage Music ☯357

    Duration: 7:48 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    6 Hour Best Relaxing Spa Music, Background Music, Soothing Music, Massage Music ☯357

    "Body Mind Zone is home to the most effective Relaxing Music. We have music playlists for Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Study Music, Healing & Wellness Music, and Reiki & Zen Music. Body Mind Zone’s music videos are ideal for bringing balance into the many aspects of your life. The relaxing sounds are blended with the most effective sound waves to help you relax, sleep, de-stress, study, meditate, heal, and bring a sense of peace into your life. Try some of our popular music playlists: ● Meditation and Healing: Our Meditation and Healing Music is ideal for reaching a deeper state of consciousness and self-healing. Our listeners have used the music in conjunction with top guided meditations from the likes of Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey and Russell Simmons. Our music will guide you into a deep meditation, and allow your body to reach a state of deep healing, for body, mind and spirit. We’ve also taken inspiration from Tibetan and Shamanic sounds, to give you a wide selection of quality meditative sounds. ● Relaxation and Spa: Our Relaxation and Spa Music is ideal for winding down, and calming the mind. Use this music during treatment, or simply relaxing at home. The beautifully light sounds will transport your busy mind and tired body into a state of bliss and contentment. ● Reiki & Zen: Our Reiki Music and Zen Music is uniquely created to make your Reiki healing sessions as effective as possible. The calming sounds are blended with frequencies that allow the healer to reach the ideal consciousness for healing, and encourages a state of relaxation and openness to Reiki healing. The unobtrusive sounds are also ideal for meditation, and encouraging a state of Zen. ● Study & Concentration: Our Study Music is created to bring your mind and body into a state of focused relaxation, perfect for studying and concentration. Our music is blended with Alpha Waves, encouraging a high level of focus to make the most of your studies and productivity. ● Binaural Mind States: Many of the tracks include Binaural Brain Waves that can be used to enter different mind frequencies. It can be used for studying music and revision for when you need to be creative, focused and have good concentration. Many people find Brainwave entrainment useful for deep sleep to help you fall asleep easy, and also have enough rest to start the day fresh. Binaural Brainwaves can be used for meditation, study music, creativity, deep sleep and many more benefits. Many mothers use it as baby music, and lullabies to help their babies sleep. Our most popular music videos are now available on iTunes. ● Buy our music on iTunes: Follow Body Mind Zone’s social pages: ● Facebook: ● Google+: ● Twitter: We'd love your feedback! Please like, comment and share. We are very active on social media in order to provide you with a better interactive experience and a forum to share your thoughts and experiences. Please enjoy!"

    6+Hour+Best+Rela xing+Spa+Music,+ Background+Music ,+Soothing+Music ,+Massage+Music+ ☯357


    Duration: 4:51 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps


    iTunes link: Google Play link: Jenny, darling, you’re my best friend But there’s a few things that you don’t know of Why I borrow your lipstick so often I’m using your shirt as a pillow case I wanna ruin our friendship We should be lovers instead I don’t know how to say this ’cause you’re really my dearest friend Jenny, darling, you’re my best friend I’ve been doing bad things that you don’t know about stealing your stuff now and then Nothing you’d miss, but it means the world to me I wanna ruin our friendship We should be lovers instead I don’t know how to say this ’cause you’re really my dearest friend Jenny take my hand ’Cause we are more than friends I will follow you until the end Jenny take my hand I cannot pretend Why I never like your new boyfriends Oh, your love for them won't last long Forget those amigos Oh, your love for them won't last long Forget those amigos Forget those amigos I wanna ruin our friendship We should be lovers instead I don’t know how to say this ’cause you’re really my dearest friend...


  • Orchestral Music Mix | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC - Vol.1

    Duration: 3:43 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Orchestral Music Mix THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC - Vol.1

    Volume 2: Auto-Replay: Learn how to make trailer music for Hollywood trailers: ▂ Trailer Music Dissected - A Must Have And THE DEFINITIVE Course On Trailer Music. ★Enroll Here: ▂ Epic Music World Websites: ▸ Keep Me Alive (Donation): ▸ Epic Music World I: ▸ Facebook: ▸ Website: ▸ Soundcloud: ▸ Instagram: ▂ Tracklist: 01. 00:00:00 Soundmopi - Return Of The Hero 02. 00:03:55 Louis Viallet - Adrenaline 03. 00:05:35 David Chappell - Heroes Never Die 04. 00:08:49 Randy Dominguez - Warrior 05. 00:12:53 IMAscore - Legions 06. 00:14:42 Petar Milinkovic - Armies of Heaven 07. 00:19:13 Musitonia - Until The End 08. 00:23:00 J.T. Peterson - Event Horizon 09. 00:26:45 Tom Evans - Shut Down 10. 00:28:46 Pure Composition - Illuminatus 11. 00:30:45 Ravenia - We All Died For Honor 12. 00:35:08 Robert Slump - Unsung Heroes 13. 00:37:32 Stratos - Dreaming Destiny 14. 00:41:20 Snorre Tidemand - Leap Of Faith 15. 00:44:35 J.T. Peterson - Trailer 16. 00:46:43 Artem Yegorov - Open Your Mind 17. 00:49:51 Elias Nilsson - Higher Dimension 18. 00:53:16 David Eman & Trevor DeMaere - A Hero Within Us 19. 00:56:10 Position Music - Desolation 20. 01:01:13 Gothic Storm - We Will Win 21. 01:03:41 Philipp Klein - Legacy 22. 01:06:28 Rok Nardin - The Final Adventure 23. 01:08:35 Marco Vernacchia - Remember Me This Way 24. 01:10:50 Mark Petrie - Kara Kul 25. 01:11:59 Louis Viallet - Fight For Glory 26. 01:13:19 StormSound - Final Stand 27. 01:16:37 Lion's Heart Productions - The Legend 28. 01:19:50 Christian Baczyk - We Were Soldiers 29. 01:22:21 Christophe Le Guen - The Flag Of Victory 30. 01:25:40 Mechanic Vibes - The Prophecy 31. 01:27:45 Goran Dragas - Can't Stop the Gods (ft. Phillipa Michael) 32. 01:31:09 Kári Sigurðsson - Beyond the Horizon 33. 01:34:50 Salim Daïma - Relentless 34. 01:39:53 Sound Adventures - Nemesis 35. 01:42:39 Carlos Estella - Fight for Glory 36. 01:44:40 Julia Saltflower - Unmaske 37. 01:47:28 Leonidas - Codex Null 38. 01:50:37 Tiago D. Ferreira - Hope 39. 01:54:04 C21FX - Immortality 40. 01:56:40 Thunderstep Music - Inner Strength Animations by Realtime Motion Studios: ▂ List Of All Images: Thumbnail Left Part: Thumbnail Right Part: Download Image: Thumbnail Artist: ▂ Note for the new Artists: ** If you would like to submit your track for promotion, ** If you have important other questions, ** If you want to adding any kind of information which belongs to the video (audio or visual) ** If you have any problem with audio or visual stuff in my videos then please come to my site: Note: Please note that submitting tracks does not guarantee upload. ➝ To keep the quality of my channel i won't upload every single soundtrack, please compare your music to the other uploads, to get an idea what the standards for uploads are. ➝ If you don’t get a response back, then your track was not chosen. ▂ Copyright Info © ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. ✔ This video was given a special license directly from the artists. ✖ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this .➝ Please ask the artists and NOT me for permission !!!

    Orchestral+Music+Mix+++THE+POWER +OF+EPIC+MUSIC+-+Vol.1

  • Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 4:43 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky Official Music Video

    Official music video for Electric Light Orchestra "Mr. Blue Sky."

    Electric+Light+Orche stra+-+Mr.+Blue+Sky+ +Official+Music+Vide o+

  • Unlike Pluto - Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor) [Official Lyric Video]

    Duration: 4:49 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Unlike Pluto - Everything Black feat. Mike Taylor Official Lyric Video

    🔥 Unlike Pluto - Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor) 🔥 ↪︎ Trap Nation's Spotify playlist: 🎶 More from Unlike Pluto 🎶 ● ● ● 🎵 Unlike Pluto 🎵 ● ● ● ● 🎵 Mike Taylor 🎵 ● ● ● ● 🔊 Trap Nation 🔊 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● trapnation ✅ Copyright Free Music ✅ 🚫 The music and the background in the following video are not free to use, if you'd like to use the music in this video, please contact the artist. 🚫 ⚠️ These videos may cause people with photosensitive epilepsy to convulse in seizures. Viewer discretion is advised. ⚠️ Tags: # # # #

    Unlike+Pluto+-+Everythin g+Black++feat.+Mike+Tayl or+++Official+Lyric+Vide o+

  • Madonna - Music (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 5:47 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Madonna - Music Official Music Video

    © 2006 WMG Music

    Madonna+-+Music++Officia l+Music+Video+

  • Thousand Foot Krutch: War of Change (Official Music Video)

    Duration: 4:42 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Thousand Foot Krutch: War of Change Official Music Video

    Official Music Video for "War of Change" from The End is Where We Begin Subscribe for more music from Thousand Foot Krutch: Download "War of Change" on iTunes - Download The End Is Where We Begin on iTunes - Download The End Is Where We Begin on Amazon - Listen to more of TFK’s music! iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

    Thousand+Foot+Krutch:+War+of+Cha nge++Official+Music+Video+

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Charly García

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