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  • Big Z - This Place Unknown remix

    Duration: 3:59 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Big Z - This Place Unknown remix

    👇Big Z - This Place Unknown remix 👇 !( Ein Upload jedes Wochenende )! Dies ist nur ein Remix des orginal Songs. Sprich eine alternative von mir, aber alle Rechte gehen an Big Z Viel Spaß :) Orginal Song : 👇 Spenden (Donation) : Orginal Song von Ituns Die Musik und der Hintergrund im folgenden Video können nicht verwendet werden. Wenn du die Musik in diesem Video verwenden möchtest, wende dich bitte an den Künstler.Dies entspricht fair use,da der Künstler im Video und in der Beschreibung genannt wird.

    Big+Z+-+This +Place+Unkno wn+remix

  • Stormzy, Aaron Unknown, D Double E & Lady Leshurr | [CYPHER]: SBTV

    Duration: 3:32 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Stormzy, Aaron Unknown, D Double E & Lady Leshurr CYPHER : SBTV

    A SB cypher has been overdue, so who better to bring them back with a bang then Stormzy, Aaron Unknown, D Double E & Lady Leshurr?! Back to back, 16 for 16. 4 MC's. "At SBTV, collaboration is one of the core elements at the heart of what we do; bringing artists from all walks of life together and blurring the lines between what is considered the norm. To celebrate the Rugby World Cup today, our latest cypher does just that. Pairing up the likes of man-of-the-moment Stormzy, Birmingham's first lady, Lady Leshurr and SBTV fan-favourite -- and professional model, it's worth mentioning -- Aaron Unknown with the likes of Grime scene veteran D Double E, we couldn't be more excited to share this with you. Regardless of whether you're a traditional die-hard rugby fan or not, we hope this piece of non-traditional sport-related content gets you even more excited about today's Rugby World Cup. Also the video is about highlighting that we should be proud of where we are from, so wherever you're from, represent your turf, back your team and be proud of who you are! But it's not just about bringing musicians together, it's also vital that we connect brands. This being the case, it was great to work with the team at Beats on this project. We originally got involved when we were inspired by Beats by Dre's latest rugby related video, The Game Starts Here. They showed us the idea a while ago and it was part of the inspiration behind this video." - Jamal Edwards ---- Make sure to subscribe & never miss a video! SBTV is the only place you need to be going to get the best in music, gaming, sport, comedy, fashion and business. Based in London, SBTV provides a platform to discover and break emerging artists, enjoy your favourite acts and unearth incredible talent. We’re constantly bringing you the exclusives so make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter to be in the loop with who we’ve been filming with! ---- ► Follow SBTV Twitter - Instagram - FaceBook - Website - SoundCloud – ► Check Stormzy ► Check Aaron Unknown ► Check D Double E ► Check Lady Leshurr ----- Thanks for watching! ----- Produced by Sh?m

    Stormzy,+Aaron+Unkno wn,+D+Double+E+&+Lad y+Leshurr++++CYPHER+ :+SBTV

  • - (Jan 6)

    Duration: 1:58 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps - Jan 6

    January 6th 2010 - A studio jingle for from Lyrics: Give me things that I don't need to know I'll read it Show me stuff that no one wants to show I'll see it I know the best place to go Where nothing's necessary, no The reason why I'm singing this song +6+

  • Old Time Fiddle Tune - unknown title

    Duration: 2:23 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Old Time Fiddle Tune - unknown title

    Here is the tune notated into standard GDAE tuning - I'm not sure what this tune is called. If you recognise it, please add the title to the comments below and I will alter the youtube video title. The top two strings of the fiddle are tuned down to GD, so from the bottom string up the tuning is GDGD. I play fiddle, acoustic guitar, synth double bass and 5 string banjo on this tune.

    Old+Time+Fiddle+ Tune+-+unknown+t itle

  • Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe

    Duration: 4:18 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe

    Music, lyrics and vocals by Dovid (David Green) Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe is a passionate expression of Dovid's love for the holy city of Jerusalem. The song and video takes you on a tour of the layers of history and modern life of the place also referred to as the eye of the universe, for no matter what happens in Jerusalem... Jerusalem - Eye of the Universe Soul of the world in the heart of the land together we stand in the eye of the universe where G-d meets man through the joy and the pain Jerusalem eye of the universe City of peace between the body and the soul and the heavens and the earth between one another and please one day with the nations of the world like her people pray no more need to fight and her G-dly light will shine even brighter and revive the life oh yerushalayim *** CHORUS *** I can't explain but I've never felt this way I've gotta kiss the ground cause I'm overwhelmed I'm in love with this ancient city theres something in the air I never felt anywhere tell me why I'm feeling more alive with every step I take as I make my way to the heart of the holy city and i touch the wall of stone like it's a part of my bones and with a gentle kiss I know I finally found my way home the prophets and the kings in the temple worshiping together we will sing in the eye of the universe Layers of living Timeless city I can't believe I'm witnessing centuries in the history of my soul

    Jerusalem+-+Eye+of+t he+Universe

  • Meek Mill - R.I.C.O. (ft. Drake)

    Duration: 3:18 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Meek Mill - R.I.C.O. ft. Drake

    "Dreams Worth More Than Money" Meek Mill ft. Drake - R.I.C.O. [Drake:] Views, views, views [Drake:] Old ways, new women, gotta keep 'em balanced The girl of your dreams, to me is probably not a challenge I've been counted out so many times I couldn't count it Funny how now my accountant is havin' trouble tryna count it To the people that think that I owe you shit Payback's a bitch and you know that shit Y'all niggas gettin' too old for this Please don't think nobody notices I've been up for way too many days Y'all sleepin' off on me anyway Y'all don't be doin' shit anyway Y'all are not true to this anyway OVO, East End, Reps Up, we might just get hit with the R.I.C.O Everyone home for the summer, so let's not do nothing illegal I go make 50 million then I give some millions to my people They gon' go Tony Montana and then cop them some Shaq at the free throws But they're from the way fam, there's not much to say fam They told me to tell you your mans just some waste mens And stay in your place fam My dad is from Memphis, and I am the king I should probably just move in to Graceland Madonna's is a ting I know it and I'm the king of pop I'm building Never-Never Land How you hate me when I never met the man We might just get hit with the R.I.C.O. [Meek Mill:] Cause we in the field with them birds like we play for the Eagles I'm on probation so let me not talk what's illegal Switch it up Today I woke up with my dream girl she as rich as a Beatle For my teachers that said I wouldn't make it here I spend a day what you make a year I had to drop this to make it clear That I got it loud like Jamaican hair All theses choppers poppin', niggas wildin', violence, why we even got to take it here Why we even got to play these games Run up on me catch a facial hair It's the Chasers what you thought I come through my block like I'm Rico Poppin' a wheelie no squealie can't talk to the cops that's illegal I was like more Rich Porter no double crossing on my peoples I take an M to the table and split it with my niggas equal I'm back on that hood shit Ya that wish you would shit I'm talking that cross you that fade you fourth quarter like Jordan we back on that bull shit We came up from nothing we started on list who most wanted, but now it's the Forbes list We really was doing shit I can hear echoes from feds on this beat from informants I think they recording Shhhh listen you hear that [Drake:] We might just get hit with the R.I.C.O. We might just get hit with the R.I.C.O.

    Meek+Mil l+-+R.I. C.O.++ft .+Drake+

  • AALIYAH Rare Audio w/ Rare Photos

    Duration: 1:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    AALIYAH Rare Audio w/ Rare Photos

    This is something I have for a while, extremally rare Aaliyah acapella for "More Than A Woman". I'm still working to get the full thing, but right now enjoy the snippet. Also enjoy new and rare Aaliyah photos (with Damon Dash, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Da Brat, Kidada Jones, Kate Hudson, Jet Li and others) courtesy of (the best Aaliyah source!). For download link and more Aaliyah goodies visit:

    AALIYAH+Rare+Audio+w/+Rare+P hotos

  • Junkyard Band Ibex 7/28/1996 "Lighter Light"

    Duration: 4:59 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Junkyard Band Ibex 7/28/1996 "Lighter Light"

    202.492.9195 email facebook:woody woods for your classic gogo shows on cd Check out Throwback Thursday Mix on 1pm and 6pm

    Junkyard+Band+Ib ex+7/28/1996+"Li ghter+Light"

  • *****JUNKYARD FROM 4/13/95*****

    Duration: 8:28 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    *****JUNKYARD FROM 4/13/95*****


    *****JUNKYARD+FROM+4 /13/95*****

  • Black Nile - Double bass

    Duration: 3:50 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Black Nile - Double bass

    Demonstration of double bass playing. Angelo Tsocos plays his own bass line to the jazz standard Black Nile.


  • JUNKYARD @ IBEX 4- 30- 95

    Duration: 8:46 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    JUNKYARD @ IBEX 4- 30- 95


  • Junkyard Ibex 3/31/1996 "Jingle Jingle Jane"

    Duration: 4:08 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Junkyard Ibex 3/31/1996 "Jingle Jingle Jane"

    Check out the Throwback Thursday Mix at every Thursday at 1pm

    Junkyard+Ibex+3/31/1 996+"Jingle+Jingle+J ane"

  • JYB "Prostitute:5 Minutes" Eastside 7-15-95

    Duration: 5:06 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    JYB "Prostitute:5 Minutes" Eastside 7-15-95

    The Good Junk @ Eastside 7-15-95. Pajama Jam.

    JYB+"Prostit ute:5+Minute s"+Eastside+ 7-15-95

  • Michael Patrick Kelly - Ôh prends mon âme (Piano Cover)

    Duration: 3:25 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Michael Patrick Kelly - Ôh prends mon âme Piano Cover

    ► heilSam - Ô prends mon âme - played by ear. Inspired by Michael Patrick Kelly's Version.◄ ►NEW heilSam - ALBUM "Am Ende frei" feat.Herwigos (Cobario) ►◄ ► Album-Teaser ◄ ►►GET MY ALBUM (CD) at ◄◄ ►► ALBUM - DOWNLOAD / STREAMING ◄◄ iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: Google Play: ► FACEBOOK: ►YOU CAN SUPPORT MY MUSIC :-) ►ALL ABOUT heilSam: ► Subscribe if you ♥ it! ►SOUNDCLOUD: ******************* heilSam & Leander #MichaelPatrickKelly #OhPrendsMonAme #PianoCover #Ruah #heilSam #PaddyKelly #Piano #Instrumental #AmEndeFrei #KellyFamily

    Michael+ Patrick+ Kelly+-+ Ôh+pren ds+mon+ me++Pia no+Cover +

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