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  • Conrado e Aleksandro - Põe no 120 (Marco Brasil Filho, DJ Kevin)

    Duration: 3:51 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Conrado e Aleksandro - Põe no 120 Marco Brasil Filho, DJ Kevin

    Siga Conrado & Aleksandro PÕE NO 120 Conrado & Aleksandro part. Marco Brasil Filho e DJ Kevin Autores: Rodolfo Alessi, Jota Lennon e Gustavo Henrique Direção: Marcos Eduardo Câmera: Valdomiro Pagnoncelli Produção e edição: Muv Produções

    Conrado+e+Aleksandro+-+P õe+no+120++Marco+Brasil +Filho,+DJ+Kevin+

  • DENKATA & BEZIM MAN - 120 (Official Video)

    Duration: 4:35 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    DENKATA & BEZIM MAN - 120 Official Video


    DENKATA+&+BEZIM+MAN+-+12 0++Official+Video+

  • 120 BPM - Simple Straight Beat - Drum Track / Loop / Metronome

    Duration: 5:12 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    120 BPM - Simple Straight Beat - Drum Track / Loop / Metronome

    The best sounding drumming tracks & loops for playing, jamming, practicing or composing. Use it like a cool metronome. Pop, Rock. It shows the measure number at the top left. 110 Beats per Minute. In musical terminology, tempo (Italian for time, plural: tempi) is the speed or pace of a given piece. Tempo is a crucial element of any musical composition, as it can affect the mood and difficulty of a piece. The tempo of a piece will typically be written at the start of a piece of music, and in modern Western music is usually indicated in beats per minute (BPM). This means that a particular note value (for example, a quarter note or crotchet) is specified as the beat, and the marking indicates that a certain number of these beats must be played per minute. The greater the tempo, the larger the number of beats that must be played in a minute is, and, therefore, the faster a piece must be played. Mathematical tempo markings of this kind became increasingly popular during the first half of the 19th century, after the metronome had been invented by Johann Nepomuk Mälzel, although early metronomes were somewhat inconsistent. Beethoven was the first composer to use the metronome, and in 1817 he published metronomic indications for his (then) eight symphonies. Some of these markings are today contentious, such as those on his "Hammerklavier" Sonata and Ninth Symphony, seeming to many to be almost impossibly fast, as is also the case for many of the works of Schumann.[1] With the advent of modern electronics, BPM became an extremely precise measure. Music sequencers use the BPM system to denote tempo. As an alternative to metronome markings, some 20th-century composers (such as Béla Bartók and John Cage) would give the total execution time of a piece, from which the proper tempo can be roughly derived. Tempo is as crucial in contemporary music as it is in classical. In electronic dance music, accurate knowledge of a tune's BPM is important to DJs for the purposes of beatmatching. El mejor sonido de tambores pistas y loops para jugar, atascos, practicando o componiendo. Úselo como un metrónomo fresco. Pop, Rock. Se muestra el número de compás en la parte superior izquierda. 110 latidos por minuto. En terminología musical, tempo (italiano para el tiempo, plural: tempi) es la velocidad o el ritmo de una pieza determinada. Tempo es un elemento crucial de cualquier composición musical, ya que puede afectar el estado de ánimo y la dificultad de una pieza. El tempo de una pieza normalmente se escribe en el comienzo de una pieza de música, y en la música occidental moderna se suele indicar en latidos por minuto (BPM). Esto significa que un valor de nota particular (por ejemplo, una negra o negra) se especifica como el ritmo, y la marca indica que un cierto número de estos latidos debe ser jugado por minuto. Cuanto mayor es el tempo, mayor es el número de latidos que se deben reproducir en un minuto es, y, por lo tanto, más rápidamente una pieza debe ser jugado. Matemáticas marcas de tempo de este tipo se hizo cada vez más popular durante la primera mitad del siglo 19, después de que el metrónomo se había inventado por Johann Nepomuk Mälzel, aunque metrónomos primeras fueron algo inconsistentes. Beethoven fue el primer compositor en utilizar el metrónomo, y en 1817 publicó indicaciones metronómicos para sus (entonces) ocho sinfonías. Algunas de estas marcas son hoy contencioso, como los de la "Hammerklavier" Sonata y la Novena Sinfonía, pareciendo a muchos a ser casi imposiblemente rápido, como también es el caso de muchas de las obras de Schumann. [1] Con el advenimiento de la electrónica moderna, BPM se convirtió en una medida extremadamente precisa. Secuenciadores de música utilizan el sistema BPM para indicar el tempo. Como alternativa a las marcas de metrónomo, algunos compositores del siglo 20 (como Béla Bartók y John Cage) daría el tiempo total de ejecución de una obra, de la que se puede más o menos el tempo adecuado derivada. Tempo es tan importante en la música contemporánea como en el clásico. En la música electrónica de baile, el conocimiento exacto de BPM de una canción es importante para DJs a los efectos de beatmatching.

    120+BPM+-+Simple+Str aight+Beat+-+Drum+Tr ack+/+Loop+/+Metrono me

  • Ese 40'z - 120 Bars Deep

    Duration: 6:13 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Ese 40'z - 120 Bars Deep

    Download Single Song Or Whole Album On Itunes: Download Single Song Or Whole Album On Amazon: Artist: Ese 40'z Song: 120 Bars Deep Album: The Realest Year: 2011 -Lyrics- "120 Bars Deep" (Ese 40'z) I grab the mic ripping through hitting notes on every cord flaming blunts and drinking brew double edging on my sword I be the one with tunnel vision insomniac livin funneling decisions through a forty keeps me driven to a gang life style Chuck T's with the Ben D's white Cortez and I fat lace my Nikees chillin like a villian, psycho cerebellum stairin at the ceiling catch these flows while I spell em E-S-E 4-0 then apostrophe thowin up the S oh yes so it's gotta be the E-S-E 40 ounce with a wicked flow we stress free T-town when I hit the dro slow my heart rate but I be quick on the reflex got no time for half bred parvo lookin rejects Shaolin beat that I'm wreckin for the street with the world in one hand and the other's packin heat the fundamental triple B got the bud, brew, and bitches razor blade mentally a buck fifty with the stitches on the face of the rap game drop another track flame burning through the airwaves rock solid crack slang sendin truth into lyrics steady slaughterin a metaphor Hate Proof my spirit with a project yall ain't ready for hittin switches through these rhymes like I'm dippin in a low low sick and twisted minds jumpin lines like a pogo stick to the muthafuckin realest on my mental notes kickin ghetto lyrics on the illest instrumental flows straight from the block with the poverty and grime penitentiary cages on the robbery of time no rewind on my clock so I'm shootin towards the future early in the morning with cocaine as my rooster to wake me up and sound off scoop another mound off lace it in a blunt sticky skunk to make a clown cough pisto in my ice tea haters lookin shiesty sack chasin bitches on the creep actin feisty dip through the streets with my bald headed felons razor to the skin then hit the wind with my pelons off in the streets well I really mean the beast belly of a fuckin demon meth addicted ain't no peace in my area 5-0-5 was original so I never switched it up the numbers for this criminal I come gunnin with these verses show you where the dirt is deep in the slums with the clowns at the circus take you through the zoo where they got every type of animal tokin on glass pipes tweekin up on mechanical appliances reconfigure what the science is once enemies and now they smokin like alliances slicin through your speakers cut shit up like a Samurai projectile style cock it back and let the hammer fly fuck a punk snitch nine double one dialin when they see the trouble run world's smallest violin playing in the background when they plea bargainin weed's getting hacked down time to do the gardenin (The Rest Of The Lyrics Were Too Long Too Fit Into The Description... Sorry)

    Ese+40'z+-+1 20+Bars+Deep

  • Dovydas ir Šarūnas| 120 Procentų | X Factor Lithuania | Live Finals 4

    Duration: 3:51 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Dovydas ir Šarūnas 120 Procentų X Factor Lithuania Live Finals 4

    120 procentų pasirodymas X Faktoriuje!

    Dovydas+ir+ arūnas++12 0+Procentų+ ++X+Factor+L ithuania+++L ive+Finals+4

  • 120 BPM Metronome

    Duration: 10:08 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    120 BPM Metronome

    120 Beats per Minute Metronome click with beats and 4/4 bars counting. Allegro -- fast, quickly and bright (109--132 BPM) Allegretto -- moderately quick (98--109 BPM) Vivace -- lively and fast (132-140 BPM) (quicker than allegro) Beats per minute (BPM) is a unit typically used as a measure of tempo in music and heart rate. The BPM tempo of a piece of music is conventionally shown in its score as a metronome mark, as illustrated to the right. This indicates that there should be 120 crotchet beats (quarter notes) per minute. In simple time signatures it is conventional to show the tempo in terms of the note duration on the bottom. So a 4/4 would show a crotchet (or quarter note), as above, while a 2/2 would show a minim (or half note). In compound time signatures the beat consists of three note durations (so there are 3 quavers (eighth notes) per beat in a 6/8 time signature), so a dotted form of the next note duration up is used. The most common compound signatures: 6/8, 9/8, and 12/8, therefore use a dotted crotchet (dotted quarter note) to indicate their BPM. Exotic time and particularly slow time signatures may indicate their BPM tempo using other note durations. BPM became common terminology in disco because of its usefulness to DJs, and remain important in the same genre and other dance music.

    120+BPM+ Metronom e

  • the game 120 bars

    Duration: 7:08 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    the game 120 bars

    g-g-g-g-g unot


  • Grandpa Uber Driver KILLS Rap God at 120% Speed!!!

    Duration: 4:44 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Grandpa Uber Driver KILLS Rap God at 120% Speed!!!

    Subscribe for more music ► Get your Ollie B T-shirts here! ► This video was fun to make, but DAMN that mask gets uncomfortable lol. You could see how happy I was to take it off at the end of the video. PATREON (help support more videos / be my label): WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SOUNDCLOUD: Original Verse: They said I couldn’t do this again That shit was just a fluke cus dressin like a nerd was the only I could muster views If I knew how to be “realistic" with this shit then a brutha never coulda up and blew and You saw me murder this. Now they have heard a this man so who the fuck is you!?

    Grandpa+ Uber+Dri ver+KILL S+Rap+Go d+at+120 %+Speed! !!

  • Xotic - 120 [Lyric Video]

    Duration: 4:45 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Xotic - 120 Lyric Video

    Xotic - 120 [Lyric Video] Beat by Offline.wav Pord. by Offline.wav Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud: CD Baby:

    Xotic+-+ 120++Lyr ic+Video +

  • 120 Xyoo Tsis Txaus - Maa Vue Original (demo)

    Duration: 4:16 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    120 Xyoo Tsis Txaus - Maa Vue Original demo

    Five years ago, we became husband and wife. At that time, we were just kids, madly in love, not knowing what the future would hold. But we knew one thing for certain...we will go through it together. Our marriage is far from perfect. But it gets better with each passing day. Your love and support is unconditional. I am where I am today because you told me to chase my dreams and to never settle for anything less. I want you to know how proud and happy I am to be your wife. I love you always. This song is for you. For us. ---------------------------------------------------- For more music updates & news: instagram @maavue For bookings & inquiries: Photography:

    120+Xyoo+Tsis+Txaus+ -+Maa+Vue+Original++ demo+

  • CLAPCAST 120 [Deep House] (with Claptone) 07.11.2017

    Duration: 0:01 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    CLAPCAST 120 Deep House with Claptone 07.11.2017

    Mix Available Until 1st January 2018 By This Channel Listado: The Phoenix Part 1 - Marquis Hawkes 0:30 The Light (Superlover Remix) - Yves Murasca & Rosario Galati feat. Chasing Kurt 14:24 Can't Deny (feat. Kerri Chandler) - Josh Butler 17:12 Cola (Mousse T.'s Glitterbox Mix) - CamelPhat & Elderbrook 23:20 Theme From S'Express (Detlef Remix) - S'Express 29:58 Two Three One (PAX Remix) - Danny Howard 38:31 17 (In The Air Dub) - MK 50:09

    CLAPCAST+120++Deep+House +++with+Claptone++07.11. 2017

  • 120 Battements Par Minute - Smalltown Boy (Arnaud Rebotini Remix) [Official Music Video]

    Duration: 4:52 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    120 Battements Par Minute - Smalltown Boy Arnaud Rebotini Remix Official Music Video

    120 Battements Par Minute - Smalltown Boy (Arnaud Rebotini Remix) [Official Music Video] Taken from the Original Soundtrack composed by Arnaud Rebotini Available here :

    120+Battements+Par+M inute+-+Smalltown+Bo y++Arnaud+Rebotini+R emix+++Official+Musi c+Video+

  • 120 BPM - ROCK - 4/4 Drum Track - Metronome

    Duration: 6:22 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    120 BPM - ROCK - 4/4 Drum Track - Metronome

    120 BPM - ROCK - 4/4 Drum Track - Metronome beat backing track metronome 120 bpm Please share and like, thank you! Tekemiäni taustoja saa käyttää vapaasti Youtuben kautta. Muista jakaa ja tilata, Kiitos! Guitar And Bass Backing Tracks For more information you can find me on: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Email: Subscribe my channel here:

    120+BPM+-+ROCK+-+4/4+Dru m+Track+-+Metronome

  • Ep. 120 - Djonga - "Geminiano"

    Duration: 3:17 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Ep. 120 - Djonga - "Geminiano"

    Ouça essa track no Spotify: Ouça todas as tracks do Rap Box no Spotify: MAKING OF: quarta feira (22/03) TROCANDO IDEIA: Geminiano - Beat: Coyote _________________________________________________________________ RAP BOX Video clipes, músicas, entrevistas e entretenimento. Valorização e fomento à cultura hip-hop. _________________________________________________________________ ********** LOJA: *********** Nossas redes: Realização e produção: CASA1 /2017 ®Todos direitos reservados Direção: Léo Cunha - @leocasa1 Edição e Pós-produção: Victor Ambrosio Contato Profissional: Gravação, Mixagem e Masterização CASA1 ESTÚDIOS. Fonograma exclusivo ®RAPBOX. Conteúdo exclusivo RAPBOX / CASA1 RECORDS. LETRA: [Verso 1] Boogie Naipe na caixa Ela dormindo no carona Enquanto olho e penso: Que ela só quer dinheiro Se é isso menos mal Não tenho, logo não temo Tremo Se essa boca me chupa inteiro No pé meu RosheRun Tipo atleta, corro da morte Hora do Rush Ela sem roupa é tipo a sorte Me prometeu fidelidade Pra você prometo nada É só por essa noite Que amanhã sou pé na estrada Depois, sou pé na entrada Volto arrependido Me oferece o chá, eu digo: Tô servido Disse que eu sou machista Eu digo: Tô fudido Disse que vai explanar Repito: Tô fudido Chamo ela de louca, levo um tapa Pra ler seu corpo, nega, quero um mapa Gostamos de transar ao som do jovem Maka E ao final nós dois tipo na maca Nós dois tipo na maca Faço minha mala, dessa vez ela me puxa Desfiz minha mala, dessa vez ela me chupa Vejo arrepio no toque das costas A mais errada dentre minhas apostas [Refrão] Na real, se era pra ser Ou não Não quero ela por perto Só que não quero ela longe, não Na real, se era pra ser Sei não Não quero ela por perto Difícil é quer ela longe, irmão [Verso 2] Me prende, eu me sinto no filme Fuga de Alcatraz A menos quando eu fico preso entre suas pernas Me odeia que eu fique preso em outras pernas Minha profissão exige que eu analíse pernas Agora entendo por que eles chamam de patroa É por que da trabalho Agora entendo por quê elas nos acham otário É que nós só damos caralho Olho no espelho Me observa no reflexo Sua retina é amor e ódio Minha rotina é tipo cocaína, brisa passageira E o meu foco é no pódio E eu querendo comer, quero me alimentar Essa noite te dou amor amanhã cê me dá Essa noite vou ser poeta, você Afrodite Você sereia, eu Jack Sparrow Na jangada pra Nikiti Suas amigas me odeiam Coincidência, é que eu também odeio elas Na verdade dizem que me odeiam Elas já transaram comigo, eu já transei com todas elas Nem sempre reapresentei Esses caras mentem pra tirar vantagem Você também num é isso tudo, não Vamo ficar no zero a zero sem erro pra margem [Refrão] Na real, se era pra ser Ou não Não quero ela por perto Só que não quero ela longe, não Na real, se era pra ser Sei não Não quero ela por perto Difícil é quer ela longe, irmão

    Ep.+120+-+Djonga+-+"Gemi niano"

  • DENKATA & BEZIM MAN - 120 (Rusty x Shizo Remix)

    Duration: 4:46 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    DENKATA & BEZIM MAN - 120 Rusty x Shizo Remix

    ► Ремикс: Rusty x Shizo ► Обложка, анимации, клип: CHT Prod. ► Текст: Denkata & Bezim Man

    DENKATA+&+BEZIM+MAN+-+12 0++Rusty+x+Shizo+Remix+

  • 120 ... 150 ... 200 KM por Hora

    Duration: 5:49 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    120 ... 150 ... 200 KM por Hora


    120+...+150+...+200+KM+por+H ora

  • 120 BPM Shuffle Beat - Drum Track

    Duration: 6:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    120 BPM Shuffle Beat - Drum Track

    The best sounding drumming tracks for playing, jamming, practicing or composing. Use it like a cool metronome. Shuffle Rhythm. It shows the measure number at the top left. 120 Beats per Minute. Ein Shuffle ist ein ternärer Rhythmus, der vor allem im Blues und Jazz Anwendung findet. Gelegentlich werden dafür auch die Bezeichnungen „punktiert" und „Swing" verwendet, die allerdings irreführend bzw. mehrdeutig sind. Anstatt einen Notenwert in zwei gleich lange Zeitabschnitte aufzuteilen (binär oder „gerade"), wird bei der ternären Rhythmik eine Dreiteilung vorgenommen. Das Mittel, diese Dreiteilung unabhängig von der Taktart zu notieren und sprachlich zu erfassen, ist die Triole. Im Gegensatz zu anderen ternären Rhythmen werden im Shuffle zwischen den betonten Beats (in der Regel zwischen den Viertelnoten) nicht zwei unbetonte Noten gespielt, sondern nur eine, wie im binären Rhythmus. Deswegen lässt sich jeder binäre Rhythmus in einen Shuffle übertragen. Das wird dadurch erreicht, dass nichts gespielt wird auf dem ersten der beiden unbetonten Schläge zwischen den Beats. Auf dem zweiten unbetonten Schlag wird das gespielt, was im binären Rhythmus genau mittig zwischen den Beats gespielt würde (die Achtelnoten). Dadurch rücken die unbetonten Schläge näher heran an den jeweils nächsten Beat.

    120+BPM+Shuffle+Beat+-+Drum+Trac k

  • Conrado e Aleksandro - Põe no 120

    Duration: 3:10 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Conrado e Aleksandro - Põe no 120

    Conrado+e+Aleksandro+-+Põe+ no+120

  • Bossa-nova Drums : 120 bpm

    Duration: 5:11 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Bossa-nova Drums : 120 bpm

    Pour vous apprendre à accompagner sur cette piste de batterie et dans un style bossa allez voir cette vidéo ou cette page Cette vidéo a été créée par le site

    Bossa-nova+Drums+:+120+b pm


    Duration: 4:29 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps


    Vorm Club mit Haiyti - #KK1 iTunes: Spotify: SoundCloud: Amazon: Google Play: #KK2 iTunes: Soundcloud: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play: #KK3 iTunes: AppleMusic: Amazon: Spotify: SoundCloud: TRETTMANN KITSCHKRIEG Merch: Booking: Management: Mastered @ SoulForce Mastering Video Crew! Edit: Christian Meyerholz Kamera: awhodat Fluffer: Fizzle

    TRETTMAN N+feat.+ HAIYTI+- +120+JAH RE++prod .+KITSCH KRIEG+


    Duration: 4:53 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps


    Available on iTunes: Likee Oficial: Sigueme: Oficial:


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